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Project No: CAF2015-RR09CMY-Huong
Climate change risk assessment and adaptation for loss and damage of urban transportation infrastructure in Southeast Asia

Project Duration:2 Years

Donor: Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)

Key organisations involved: Dr. Lam Vu Thanh Noi (PI of the project), Southern Institute of Water  Resources Research, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; email:

Ms. Cao Thị Thu Huong, Research Institute of Transportation, Agriculture and Environment   (RITAD) and Transport Sustainable Development and Environmental Research Institute (TERI), Vietnam, email:

Tran Quang Minh, Sub-Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology & Climate     Change (SIHYMECC), Vietnam; email:,

Mr. Spoann Vin, Department of Economic Development, Faculty of Development Studies, Royal University of Phnom Penh-RUPP, Cambodia; email:

Ms. Jaranporn Lertsahakul, Director of Green Style Co., Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand, email:

Dr. Richard T. Cooper, Southeast Asia START Regional Centre - SEA-START RC,

Project Summary

Climate change (CC) will potentially have negative impacts on urban transportation infrastructure (UTI) in Southeast Asia, and improved understanding of CC loss and damage, as well as the linkages between hazards, vulnerabilities adaptive capacity, is critical. However, there is a shortage of practical methods for estimating loss and damage in the context of CC and urbanization and particularly for UTI. UTI management is a complex issue and there is limited knowledge of how to incorporate appropriate adaptation measures and strategies into urban transport planning at the city level. This research presents results and experiences of rapid assessment that were conducted in six cities located in three countries including Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand for current CC loss and damage of UTI. One pilot city from each country was selected for assessment by applying NK-GIAS to determine loss and damage for urban roads.  The RVA results showed that the six selected cities are highly vulnerable to CC due to their geographic location, SLR, storm surge, flood, and salinity intrusion. CC threats to UTI are especially related to road damage. It was interestingly found that through application of NK-GIAS, economic losses for each flood scenario were determined, showing how increasing flood depth increased damage costs in each city. Further studies are recommended to develop appropriate damage curves through laboratory analysis, addressing both flood depth and duration, to strengthen NK-GIAS analyses.


Climate change adaptation; Flooding; Loss and damage; Urban transportation infrastructure;

Vulnerability assessment.

Project outputs and outcomes


This study presented the situations of UTI vulnerable to CC in three cities of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Results from RVA in the six cities indicate that the main CC-related factors affecting UTI are flood and SLR, which represent potential hazards for roads in all selected cities. In addition, the main UTI vulnerable to CC in the selected cities are roads.

A matrix of summary climate change impact to UTI in the six selected cities was presented with vulnerable levels of main UTI components.

List of proposed adaptation measures for UTI management in selected cities.

A submitted APN APN Science Bulletin paper: “Climate change risk assessment and adaptation for loss and damage of urban transportation infrastructure in Southeast Asia”

Three meeting sessions were held with decision-makers in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam to further disseminate the project findings and explore approaches for integrating findings into policy and planning.

Full project report published in project website: 

APN Website:

SIWRR website: (


 This project will advance knowledge on loss and damage of UTI in the context of CC in SEA, and bring effective and applicable CC risk assessment tools and methods to UTI planning and management.

This project enhances the understanding of decision makers on loss and damage, thereby promoting improved integration of adaptive measures/strategies into the urban transportation sector.

 Increased awareness of CC impacts and adaptation measures, plus strengthened regional adaptation networks of academic and non-academic partners, will help to increase effectiveness of local governments in current and future urban transportation sector development and investment planning.

Picture of project activities:



Meeting with Department of Rural Roads, Ministry of Transportation, Bangkok, Thailand (28 Oct 2016)



Vietnam research team meeting with Royal University of Phnom Penh-RUPP team (22 July 2016)


Seawall protection along Khlong Mahachai, Samut Sakhon (27 Oct 2016)

Seawall protection at temple adjacent to Khlong Mahachai, Samut Sakhon (27 Oct 2016)



                                       Adaptation measures for shoreline erosion along Cua Dai beach, Cua Dai district, Hoi An City



Meeting with Mr. Machai Paisanthanasombut - Deputy Mayor of Samut Sakhon city at Samut Sakhon municipality in May 2018 ( Center: The  Deputy Mayor of Samut Sakhon;  Left: Dr. Kitti Subprasom, Ms. Tam, Dr. Lam Noi, Dr. Rotchana and Ms. Jaranporn)


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